In the past, physical monitoring of buildings was required to effectively monitor and control the electrical and mechanical equipment of a building. Today, a computerized system known as the Building Management System or Building Automation system is used to control this equipment.

A Building Management System (BMS) is a computer-based control system installed in buildings to monitors all of the building’s internal and external systems. It manages the energy and security demands of a building, by controlling all the external and internal systems installed in the building, such as the heating, ventilation and cooling system (HVAC), the fire alarm system, the lighting system, the security system, as well as the public address system. All of these systems are linked together and to a control panel which controls and allows for a smooth-running and efficient system

With the continued increase in both digital and physical security threats, the importance of installing a building management system in your building can never be over emphasized. Its benefits include;

  • Energy Saving: To save energy, the HVAC system and lighting system, which are the primary consumption of energy in your building, must be efficiently managed. A building management system helps you to save energy costs by automatically controlling and adjusting these systems accordingly. For instance, the BMS can automatically switch off lighting in parts of the building that are not occupied, as well as adjust the HVAC system in response to the environmental conditions, thereby helping to cut energy costs.
  • Improved Security: A building management system provides access control of every area in your building, granting or restricting access to your buildings to authorized persons either on presentation of an access key or at designated times. It also monitors all of the surveillance system and the fire alarm system, and in the case of a breach or override, it alerts the appropriate personnel.
  • Better Maintenance: Aside from monitoring and controlling buildings’ equipment, building management systems also collect data which are compiled into a report that can be reviewed to identify problems and correct them early. These reports can also be accessed from anywhere, by authorized personnel, online using a smartphone, tablet or laptop. Therefore, when a building management system is installed in your building, you don’t have to always be on site to monitor every activity or always send a technician to make sure all of the equipment are working properly. These, inadvertently, lead to better monitoring and maintenance service.
  • Increased Rental Value: The installation of a building management system in your buildings guarantees the security and comfort of your tenants, thereby increasing the value of your building.

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