Top 5 Benefits of Access Control Systems


Access Control Systems (ACS) are advanced security systems installed in residential homes and commercial buildings, to regulate who can have access to the building and its facilities. The system performs the identification, and authentication of persons via biometric scans, pin codes, passwords and electronic keys, before granting them access into your building. It increases the security of your building and can be installed as a standalone system or part of a building management system. Installing an access control system in your building has several benefits. However, we have put together the top 5 benefits why you should install one in your building.

No Losing of Keys: Access control systems can grant access via different methods, including key codes, pins, voice readers and fingerprinting, such that you don’t need a physical key to access your building. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about losing your keys, or having them stolen. All you need is just one pin code or password, or in the case of a biometric scanner, your finger or voice.

Harder to Duplicate: Duplicating traditional keys is only a matter of taking it to a roadside locksmith. So, if your keys fall into the wrong hands, it can easily be duplicated, and you may become a victim of burglary or worse. This is not the case with the electronic keys required by access control system. Duplicating an electronic key or access card is extremely difficult – even almost impossible – because it requires a lot of skills, knowledge and sophistication that most criminal elements simply don’t have. Therefore, the chances of a criminal duplicating your key and having access to your building are quite rare.

Customizable System: An Access Control System can be customized to grant each user different level of access. This allows you to grant and restrict access to specific users to specific places or at particular times. For instance, you can customize your access control system to grant access to everyone during business hours, and restrict it to staff and security personnel after business hours. This is the method that is used in banks and other commercial building. You also don’t need to have multiple keys or codes for every entrance in your building. You can customize your access control systems with an individualized code that gives a user access to all the areas you have specified.

Remote Access: An Access Control System can be conveniently accessed from anywhere. You can easily grant access to individuals even when you are not on the premises. For instance, if your out-of-town sibling or friends visit and you are still in the office, you can simply access your control system remotely from wherever you are, and let them in.

Access History: Access Control Systems have a logging history feature that grants an added security to your building. Every time access is granted into your building; the system records it in a history file for later review. This allows you to track the activities of suspicious employees or family members.

An access control system allows you to have peace of mind by granting you absolute control over who comes into your building, and when. Contact Chrema Technologies, if after considering these benefits, you would like to have one installed in your building. We provide you with the latest access control system technology, and our experienced technicians are on standby to help you flawlessly install them.

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