Security Dogs Vs Security Systems: Which is Better?



Mister Linus has just concluded work on his family-sized 2 flat bungalow in Owerri, Nigeria. He equipped it with state-of-the-art furniture and household gadgets. Fenced it round with a high-rise fence, a mighty gate and three dogs for maximum security. With this he was satisfied that his house was safe from criminals.

On the hand doctor Femi has also just bought a house in Lekki, Lagos. Nigeria. His friend had suggested he buys five German dogs for security, but he doesn’t trust that security arrangement. For him that cannot guarantee adequate security for his home.

He trusts that an automated home security system is more efficient.

They have their personal reasons, and convictions. But which really is better. Guard dogs or security systems?

To make the right choice, you may need to consider the following pros and cons as related to their security characteristics before making a choice.


Intruder identification

The most basic known attempt at security after fencing for homes in Nigeria is the use of dogs. Besides security, dogs provide a source of companionship to their owners.

Their hypersensitive sense of hearing, smell and sight. And their ability to physically attack intruders makes them great security assets.

However, security dogs can be a source of harm and accidents to the owner and his family if not properly handled

On the other hand, security systems can monitor entrances, detect movements and tip-off security authorities in the event of any security threats.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Remote controlling

Dogs obey oral commands, but they can neither remotely communicate nor be controlled from everywhere.

Security systems are automated. They can communicate with you and can be controlled from anywhere as well. This ensures that you are constantly updated on the security situation at home.


24/7 protection

Even though they can be hypersensitive and active, dogs are animals and do have a shutdown time when they get to sleep and freshen-up. This means that they cannot always be expected to stay up.

On the flip side, because they’re automated, security systems have the capacity to function 24 hours on a daily basis. But this also requires a constant electricity supply.


Ability to function hidden

The ability to function from a hidden place safe-guards a security system from being destroyed by intruders wishing to break into your apartment.

This characteristic makes this an important factor for consideration in choosing between having a security dog and security system.

For dogs to be effective at security they cannot be hidden from plain sight. Also, their barking doesn’t help keep them hidden.

They can be murdered while the intruder will have his way.

Security systems on the other hand can be placed in positions that makes them unidentifiable. They can be hidden away from plain sight which keeps them safe from intruder destruction.



Security dogs or security systems, which ever you decide on is okay. But if an adequate and more efficient security is what you desire, owning a dog alone will not provide you with this.

A security dog when combined with security systems gives your home security, both the brutish force of a tiger and the technological back up. This ensures a totally secured home.

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