How to form a Security Consciousness habit


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“While thinking of life, do also consider death.” – Igbo Proverb

According to, the 2017 estimated life expectancy in Nigeria is 54.07 years. This is meager when compared to African countries like Algeria with 75.85 years, Togo with 65.39 years and Mauritania with 63.41 years.

The low life expectancy figure for Nigeria exposes the reality that life in Nigeria is not accorded the sanctity, respect and treated with the care that it deserves.

Government forces murdering unarmed civilian protesters at will. Suspected criminals are publicly lynched and burnt to death. There is a high rate of drug abuse. Boko Haram and the recent killings in Anambra state and others all buttress this point.


Pro-Biafran Protesters. Photo credit:

Read Amnesty International’s 2016/2017 human rights report on Nigeria

Amidst all these, it is important that you develop the habit of being security conscious. This is how:

#1. Pay heed to your intuition

Intuition is a strong ability to understand something because of feeling rather than facts. We are all bestowed with the natural inclination to smell threats beforehand. But because the threats are yet to manifest, we usually are tempted to wave them away.

Certain situations demand that you act with facts, but most times intuitions don’t lie. Pay heed to your intuitions and take immediate actions to safe-guard yourself when necessary.


#2. Always put danger and death into perspective

This is where the proverb earlier mentioned is well represented. Nigerians are usually quick to reply with a “God forbid” when reminded of the possibility of dying.


Denying the possibility of death as if forever living is guaranteed is not the right way to adapt to the thought of dying. Accepting that death is inevitable positions your mindset to adopt precautions so as to live a longer life.


#3. Position yourself at exits

Whether in a public transport or public gatherings where life threatening events are likely to occur, locate and stay close to the exit. This will enable you to easily escape from the environment where the threat exists.


#4. Take safety pre-cautions

When it comes to safety, taking pre-cautionary measures ensures that one escapes hurt. Stay away from places where your safety is not guaranteed and avoid situations that’ll expose you to life threatening situations.

Another way to take safety pre-caution is to employ the use of security automation systems on your properties, office and home.



In a country like Nigeria where the safety of lives and properties is not guaranteed. Where government pay lip service to security matters and have a total dis-regard for human life, it behoves on you to take responsibility for your safety. Adopt measures that will ensure your safety at all times and be vigilant at all times.

Just like they say in that Dettol Nigeria advert, if you don’t take care of yourself, nobody will?



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