7 Ways to Stay Safe During Ember Months


I have plans to travel to Aba to see my father and siblings by December and I’m quite excited about it.  May 2018 will make it exactly two years since I left them to come stay in Lagos.

More exciting is the fact that I will also get to see and interact with friends that I’ve not been able to see in a long while. But then I am worried about the security issues that usually come up during this period.

To worsen the situation, there’s also an “Operation python dance 2”, a military exercise going on in that part of the country.

Read about Operation python dance here.

Again it’s on record that there are similar military exercises in 28 out of the 36 states of Nigeria.

Pardon me but the history of military operations in any civilian area in Nigeria usually come with cases of human abuse and loss of innocent lives.

So these presents security worries for not just me, but should do so for you also.

Here are ways to stay safe at this period:


#1. Drink responsibly

Majority of Nigerians consume alcohol in large quantity. It becomes more so during festive periods.

You chose to drink alcohol, that’s good, but drinking yourself to stupor isn’t. You leave yourself vulnerable to harm when you’re drunk and not in control of yourself and behaviour.

For this reason, it’s advisable to always drink moderately and resist any temptations to take more drinks than your head can carry at any time.


#2. Drive carefully

Traffic during this period is usually massive and chaotic; this is because everybody wants to get to their locations fast and on time too.

This presents the temptation to drive recklessly, but hey? Don’t do it. It’s really better late than be late.

An another thing, don’t drink and drive. Its been over-flogged, but don’t answer or make calls while you drive.


#3. Avoid volatile areas

Yeah, that sounds like a scared person’s advice, right? Well it doesn’t matter whether it’s true or not. What matters is that you are safe at last.

Generally speaking, stay away from hot zones.

For those in areas of military operation exercises. Stay away from the military. I heard they only understand the shoot! command. I just hope that’s not a hate speech though.

Okay, just know that life has no duplicate


#4. Tell family your where abouts

During this period, things happen. The intended good and the really bad ones. Nobody prays to be caught up with the bad, but they’re bound to happen anyway.

For this reason, always let your family members know when you decide to leave the house and always call to inform them of any mid-way change in plan.


#5. Always get home early

Whether you’re out in the club partying or in church fellowshipping make sure you get home to your home early when there’s still daylight.

Getting home earlier saves you from the evils that come with the night and the period.


#6. Argue not with a “Gun man”

Again, caution should be imbibed by those in volatile areas where the military has taken over the streets.

If you’re not Jet li, Superman or Commando, don’t get involved with anything that’ll expose you to confrontations with the military.

A bam! is all takes to end dreams. Don’t be involved.


#7. Install smart security systems to your properties

From statistics, this period usually witnesses a spike in criminal activities therefore no amount of efforts at securing yourself would be too much.

As much as you could afford it, install security systems in your car, your home, in your phone and any other property worth securing.

You can install a tracker in your car and phones to track them in the case of theft. Also install home security system in your home to also protect yourself from theft.

To this effect Chrematech has a combo promo offer presently on-going where you can buy the fire resistant alarm cable for as low as N500.

Check out the offer here.

Always stay safe.


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