5 Techniques to Preventing Electrical related Home Accidents



Can you stop accidents from occurring?

It is most likely you answered no to the above question. But should that be the case?

Accidents are what they are called.- Accidents. They occur without forewarning. We might not be able to totally control their occurrence, but we can through our actions prevent them from occurring.

Here are five ways to prevent electrical related home accidents from happening in your home.


#1. Use the services of qualified electricians

It is too common in Nigeria to see individuals refer to themselves as electricians. Whether they know the job or not. The fake are just everywhere and have succeeded in dwarfing out the professionals.

Even at that, qualified electricians still exist. Locate and use their services. This will ensure that the best and necessary materials are employed in carrying out your works.


#2. Replace worn out electrical gadgets

For safety sake replace worn-out electrical gadgets when they due for replacement and not wait till they cause accidents.

Also make sure to purchase new gadgets as against their imported fairly used counterparts. As you may not have known the extent of usage for the imported gadgets.

A frayed power cord is a sign that something is wrong with the inner parts of an appliance. When they occur, the appliance in question should be discarded to avoid electrical accidents.


#3. Always check electrical wirings at home

As a rule, do ensure that all electrical wirings are always in top shape. Wires should not be left naked and hanging. This is to eliminate electrocutions, sparks and fire out-breaks due to electrical causes.


#4. Know your limits

It is a good thing that you’re able to fix electrical faults at your home. However, you should know the limit to what you can do.

Trial and errors should not be brought to the fixing of electrical faults.

Major electrical issues should be referred to qualified electricians.


#5. Don’t overload electrical Sockets

Electrical sockets should not be overloaded with pluggings. Plugging into extensions is discouraged. Heavy appliances like hot plates, should be plugged separately.


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Bonus tips.

General Home Accident Prevention Techniques

On a general note, these techniques can be applied in conjunction with the already mentioned techniques.

#1. Paste warnings at home

As a pre-cautionary measure and constant reminder, paste pictorial and written safety warnings at strategic locations within your home.

This will sub-consciously remind anyone who sees them to take pre-cautions to avoid becoming a victim.


#2. Stop children from accident prone areas

Due to their play nature, Children are usually more vulnerable than the adults to falling victims to home accidents. For this reason, they should be restricted from entering accident prone areas within the home.

Areas like, the kitchen, the television stand and others presents high points for accidents occurrence.

They should only be allowed to be in those places when their safety is guaranteed.


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